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X116 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 016 - To Pierce the Earth
Let's make use of Mining Shaft 1!
Просмотров: 776310 davidangel64
X112 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 012 - Of Water and Stone
Water seems to be a theme in this particular video...
Просмотров: 636949 davidangel64
X120 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 020 - Defense and Digging
The X-Fort gains some true defensive power, and Mining Shaft 1 gets a major upgrade.
Просмотров: 717597 davidangel64
X137 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 033 - The Secret Passage into Death Mountain
The mountain shows me the fast track to its very depths.
Просмотров: 561143 davidangel64
X101 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 003 - Xpanding the X-Cave
The X-Cave needs some expansion. Let's lay the ground work to make that happen.
Просмотров: 1235278 davidangel64
X118 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 018 - Rock Bottom
Mining Shaft 1 accomplishes its task of taking me to the deepest depths I can reach... but where will I go from here?
Просмотров: 574347 davidangel64
X103 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 005 - The X-Cave Deepens
Down, down, down... Looking to play or buy this game? Go here: http://www.minecraft.net
Просмотров: 1035978 davidangel64
X108 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 010 - Home is Just a Day Away
From the mountaintop at night, we can see how tiny, but beautiful, the work I've done on the X-Cave really is. You may have to turn up your monitor's brightness or gamma for that particular scene. I hope you all get to see it. :)
Просмотров: 727520 davidangel64
X141 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 036 - Lost Going Topside
So bad with direction...
Просмотров: 474809 davidangel64
X119 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 019 - Blood and Fire
Things begin to heat up just a little bit...
Просмотров: 609772 davidangel64
X115 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 015 - The X-System
A tad on the tongue-in-cheek side, this video outlines the beginning of the X-System.
Просмотров: 1247350 davidangel64
X129 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 027 - Obsidian
The monsters down here really don't want me gathering this obsidian... There's some weird artifacting going on at the start of this one. I tried to fix it but, no go. Still trying out this new computer.
Просмотров: 579704 davidangel64
X139 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 034 - Death Mountain Station
There are a few complications when building this station... but the skeletons in the deep will pay.
Просмотров: 557161 davidangel64
X099 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 002 - A Cave Once Untouched
Surviving the night, I start the next day with a few goals in mind, but things do not go as planned... Many of you have asked where to get it. This is called Minecraft Alpha, the latest version of Minecraft, and it costs $13.50 (9.99 Euros). Get it here: http://www.minecraft.net/
Просмотров: 1523166 davidangel64
X154 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 044 - The Cobblestone Mystery
I'm such a noob.
Просмотров: 605054 davidangel64
X117 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 017 - A Good Omen
Mining Shaft 1 digs its hands ever deeper into the earth...
Просмотров: 680010 davidangel64
X107 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 009 - The Mountaintop Station
I unintentionally find myself on top of a mountain and in need of shelter.
Просмотров: 714959 davidangel64
Bill S.978: The End of Let's Plays and Gaming Streams?
Please act! This short form takes 20 seconds to fill out and will voice your opinion! http://act.demandprogress.org/letter/ten_strikes?akid=700.450896.5hVZPC&rd=1&t=1 Here is the bill, specifically. Read it for yourself to make your own informed decision. http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext.xpd?bill=s112-978 Need more information? See UltraDavid's blog entry over at Shoryuken.com here. Very informative: http://shoryuken.com/2011/06/29/trolling-the-stream-by-ultradavid/ More video content about Bill S.978 can be found here by DSPGaming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hytigOSjJxc
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The Tea Bandit and his Kitty
Twitter: http://twitter.com/davidangel64 The audio for this was taken from a sound test I did a long time ago on my stream, and animated by Skidddog! http://www.youtube.com/user/Skidddog And if you want to catch my stream, you can follow here: http://twitch.tv/davidangel64
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X104 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 006 - Breakthrough
The world beneath...
Просмотров: 833371 davidangel64
X125 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 024 - Far Below
Crawling in the deepest parts of the earth.
Просмотров: 584675 davidangel64
X127 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 026 - What Lies Beneath
Still lol'ing at the fire flower joke. :)
Просмотров: 507155 davidangel64
X355 - Mass Effect - 006 - Seeking to Consort with the Consort
Asari women confuse me.
Просмотров: 17865 davidangel64
X696 - Planetside 2 - Sniping
I've never really been that good at sniping in Planetside, even as far back as the original Planetside circa 2003. It turns out there were just a couple of fundamentals of sniping I hadn't grasped on my own yet—I was shooting too high, thinking there was more bullet drop than there actually is, and I was firing at hard-to-hit targets, indicating a lack of solid trigger discipline. I watched a YouTube video that helped me identify these flaws, and I began to apply the knowledge from this video into my play, building a solid sniping foundation and putting it into practice. You can see that video here: Sniping 101 by TheKoolaidLine - http://youtu.be/H-7DaK7CSoc I would also recommend checking out this weapon overview featuring the NC14 and LA80 sniper rifles, by DrathamusGaming - http://youtu.be/Z7p_k-H3Qd4 Twitter: http://twitter.com/davidangel64
Просмотров: 92180 davidangel64
X132 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 029 - A Little Bit About Design
Just a few design tips I felt like sharing.
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X043 - X Plays Half-Life 2 - Water Hazard, Part 6
In this episode, I tear up some more of the waterways with my sweet-ass chopper gun, and face off against a formidable aerial foe.
Просмотров: 47051 davidangel64
Merry Christmas! Holiday Giveaway [CLOSED]
Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays, everyone! I have five Steam games to give away. They are: - Half-Life 2 - Mass Effect - Mass Effect 2 - Portal 2 - Skyrim In addition, for all you League of Legends players out there I'm also giving away ten codes worth $10 in Riot Points each! Entries are being accepted from Dec. 25 through Jan. 1. Winners will be selected randomly during the first week of January! Please watch the video for the full explanation of the rules. Here's the short version: To enter, simply send me a YouTube message with the subject "Giveaway" (all one word, without the quotes) and in the body of the message include your Steam name (the one I will send the gift to if you win) and tell me which games you're interested in for this giveaway! If you're interested in the Riot Points, tell me that, too. Keep in mind that you can only win one thing; so you can't win a game AND a $10 Riot Points code, for example. Or you can't win two games, or two Riot Points codes, etc. I'll be using a filter to keep track of everything and select the winners. The filter can detect if you've entered multiple times, so please only enter once! Trying to enter more than once will get you disqualified! I don't want anybody left out of this, so please play by the rules. :) So that's pretty much it! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone! - X
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X145 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 038 - Zombie Hunt
X-Combo! Rules for submitting your video response (if any): 1. Your video must contain the X-Combo at least once. 2. Your video must be cleanly worded. We're all gamers and gamers tend to swear a lot, but when you're releasing something to the public having an ounce of civility wouldn't hurt you. :) 3. Your video must refer to the X-Combo by it's name. 'cuz it's awesome! 4. (Optional) Get creative with it! Try to slay a creeper, or knock a skeleton off a cliff!
Просмотров: 673909 davidangel64
X130 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 028 - Meanwhile, Back at Station 1
Extending the reach of Station 1.
Просмотров: 530709 davidangel64
X273 - Portal 2 - 001 - Rise and Shine, Ms. Chell.  Rise.  And Shine.
Not that I wish to imply you have been sleeping on the job. No one is more deserving of a rest and all the effort in the world would have gone to waste until... well, let's just say your hour has come again.
Просмотров: 131826 davidangel64
X143 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 037 - Green X Needs Food Badly
If I'm going to survive here in Death Mountain, where the pigs spawn rarely, the caves are deep, and the creepers drop from the sky, I'm going to need a steady source of health-restoring items. So let's build a farm big enough to sustain one person.
Просмотров: 703735 davidangel64
X126 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 025 - Peaceful
Просмотров: 523816 davidangel64
X158 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 045 - The Chicken of Destiny
Sneaky sneaky.
Просмотров: 766806 davidangel64
X423 - The Cave of the Weird
That ghost spider is in debt.
Просмотров: 116300 davidangel64
X419 - IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 - Getting Your First Plane Off the Ground (April Fool's Joke Video)
I master a flight simulator and cut through all the nonsense to bring you guys an easy-to-follow tutorial on getting your first plane off the ground. Twitter: http://twitter.com/davidangel64 Bonus: http://youtu.be/oHg5SJYRHA0
Просмотров: 47791 davidangel64
X629 - Far Cry 3 - 044 - Fire on the Way to Water
After waking up from another major "trip," we find ourselves meeting a rather opportunistic jerk who is withholding information on the whereabouts of our friend, Keith. Twitter: http://twitter.com/davidangel64
Просмотров: 11210 davidangel64
X124 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 023 - The Skeletons of Epsilon
Just behind Epsilon Station there lies...
Просмотров: 656675 davidangel64
X695 - Planetside 2 - Reaver Run
In this video we'll see how a stealth Reaver can take enemies by surprise, on land and in the air, by attacking from angles where the enemy has low awareness or is otherwise vulnerable. Twitter: http://twitter.com/davidangel64
Просмотров: 35109 davidangel64
X592 - Dishonored - 038
As we pierce ever deeper into our enemy's dwellings, we hear of—and seek out—a rather formidable foe. Twitter: http://twitter.com/davidangel64
Просмотров: 8102 davidangel64
X176 - Eversion - Part 2 of 2
Part 2 of a quick little two-video series about Eversion. You can get the game here: http://zarat.us/tra/offline-games/eversion.html
Просмотров: 79237 davidangel64
X111 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 011 - Arrow Wounds for an Egg
Arrow wounds for an egg.
Просмотров: 662515 davidangel64
X149 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 042 - Get the Diamonds!
This episode just explains what happened to Episode 41.
Просмотров: 594131 davidangel64
X182 - Starcraft 2 Live Commentary - David (Zerg) vs. SeldonsGhost (Protoss) on Shakuras Plateau
David (aka X) vs. SeldonsGhost (1v1 Quick Match) League: Silver Map: Shakuras Plateau
Просмотров: 64428 davidangel64
X185 - Starcraft 2 Live Commentary - David (Zerg) vs. GreyMan (Protoss) on Blistering Sands
David (aka X) vs. GreyMan (1v1 Quick Match) League: Silver Map: Blistering Sands
Просмотров: 69900 davidangel64
X478 - Slender Episode 1 of 2
Get it here: http://www.parsecproductions.net/slender/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/davidangel64
Просмотров: 32598 davidangel64
X009 - Frost Tanking 101 - Chapter 1: Talents, Rotation, DnD Positioning, and Steering
In the first chapter of Frost Tanking 101, we'll briefly cover talents, and then we'll discuss rotation, Death and Decay positioning, and steering. These are the basics of the death knight tank, so before we cover anything else, you'll need to know these.
Просмотров: 17178 davidangel64
X538 - Far Cry 3 - 001 - A Refreshing Dip
Yep, I'm doing one of these too. And it's AWESOME. Twitter: http://twitter.com/davidangel64
Просмотров: 34298 davidangel64
First Experience with Planetside 2 Implants
Implants are a new addition to Planetside 2, and while it's too early to say for sure, I think I like them. That -ItZMuRdA- video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-0N3fujicM Other places to find my stuff: Twitter: http://twitter.com/davidangel64 Twitch: http://twitch.tv/davidangel64 Tumblr: http://davidr64.tumblr.com
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X's Adventures in Minecraft - Chapter 2, 004 - A Step Into the Ravine
With the the most basic of preparations complete, we can step into the ravine for a quick look around. Are the resources within plentiful? Is there more to it than can be readily seen at a glance? Other places to find my stuff: Twitter: http://twitter.com/davidangel64 Twitch: http://twitch.tv/davidangel64 Tumblr: http://davidr64.tumblr.com Donate: http://davidr64.tumblr.com/donate
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X113 - X's Adventures in Minecraft - 013 - Greenhouse Foundation
Leveling the land and collecting the necessary resources to build the Greenhouse of Harmony.
Просмотров: 582390 davidangel64