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10,000 Chip Sit & Go Poker Tournament - PokerStars Play Money Account

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There have been some requests for longer Poker videos, so here's a Sit & Go Poker tournament video! You folks seem to be enjoying the Poker content, which I think is really cool. :) Other places to find my stuff: Twitter: http://twitter.com/davidangel64 Twitch: http://twitch.tv/davidangel64 Tumblr: http://davidr64.tumblr.com Donate: http://davidr64.tumblr.com/donate
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Текстовые комментарии (53)
Eeyo (3 месяца назад)
Nice video, do more?
Martini Gentleman (1 год назад)
5:57 the fold is indeed the good decision. If the guy as an ace you're drawing semi dead and since he put all-in in early position he might had KK or AA and you're dead + as you said you have the chip lead and it's important to keep it.
Luiz de Castro (1 год назад)
é impressionante o caras do play money arrumam desculpas pra dar call ou raise nas jogadas....kkkk....vários erros nesse jogo ai ..kkk
Chris Khan (1 год назад)
you were playing tight but when you had it you would bet pot I think your betting was werid
Pseudo Nym (1 год назад)
Thanks for posting up some extra, more detailed, poker play. Hope to see some more!
Jos R (1 год назад)
These are amazing david!
joesope52 (1 год назад)
This brings back memories of the whole episodes of far cry 3 spent on poker. Some of my favorite content from you X, Keep up the good work!
mulchypotatoes (1 год назад)
If you could do more long poker vids that would be awesome
DavidTechHD (1 год назад)
Really enjoy the poker videos David, keep 'em coming!
thesoftsquid (1 год назад)
Man, saw this in my recommended. Missed you man.
Babooshka00 (1 год назад)
Enjoyed this a lot!
ShmexySheep (1 год назад)
Wow, X (haha, can I call you X?). No matter what videos of your's I watch, from 2010 Minecraft to poker, I find your videos so, very entertaining because of the way you engage with your viewers and the way you can talk so easily and the awesomeness just rolls off of your tongue. Love the videos man, all of them.
Pete S (1 год назад)
Awesome, thanks for more of this, it's super good
Kestko (1 год назад)
Do a quick poker crash course thingie? This seems kinda fun, alotta mind games.... Never played poker before.... so thats kinda why im asking cuz u seem to know your stuff
Palm7 (1 год назад)
Cool, very informative. Think I'm gonna go play some poker now
Giovanni Ontiveros (1 год назад)
Great video! Love the new content! ^_^
ChilledPhoenix (1 год назад)
Love the poker vids man
Adam Lee (1 год назад)
Hey X, why did you stop putting X(insert video number here) in front of all your videos?
Haruya (1 год назад)
I actually really love your poker videos, hope you keep making them
MisterMunkki (1 год назад)
This made me wanna watch the Far Cry poker sessions again :3
Benitha Bonthuys (1 год назад)
I just learned more about poker in 47 minutes than I have in my whole life. Great stuff like always. Professional, entertaining and very informative.:)
Aavenell (1 год назад)
Well played. These are fun to watch while installing a game :) Could you make a video explaining all the hand names (Dead man's hand, boat, bachelors, etc.)?
solitaryman098 (1 год назад)
Awww yiss, 47 minute X video!
Carter Anderson (1 год назад)
As someone who likes poker, but doesn't really understand the deeper skill of it, I love these X. Keep them coming!
JoVi []_[] (1 год назад)
Loved this! Thanks for making quality content
Leon Verbeek (1 год назад)
really liking the analysis mode on the plays. i feel like i am learning while watching this. surely would come in handy when i play for money against my friends :)
im sal (1 год назад)
jack king off suit is bachelors hand because its jack-king-off
Carter Anderson (1 год назад)
lol I needed that explanation
PNathan (1 год назад)
Yes, that was pretty obvious haha
S. V. Villano (1 год назад)
You should log into Far Cry after all these years just to play poker.
Benjamin Levin (1 год назад)
Loving this, thanks X
sammelief1 (1 год назад)
Very enjoyable video, X!
Maroku (1 год назад)
Yesssss thanks for this =)
MofoWoW (1 год назад)
Great video
juk (1 год назад)
Always fun to watch!
Majestic Gopher (1 год назад)
What is the significance of being "on the button" ?
davidangel64 (1 год назад)
When you're in the dealer position (called "on the button" because a dealer button is passed around the table to signify who is in the dealer position), you are the last player to act on the flop and on all subsequent betting rounds. Being last to act lets you see what everyone else is going to do before you make your decision of how to play. Thus, you have more information than anybody else on the flop and after the flop. A good player can use this position to his or her advantage.
bpc7 (1 год назад)
noob question, are you playing here for money or is it like "pay a couple of bucks for 10000 chips and just have fun"? Btw, love these videos. Never been watching any poker games, turns out to be quite interesting!
PacManAction (1 год назад)
It's an online virtual currency that has no real life value.
davidangel64 (1 год назад)
This is not for real money. And I haven't paid any real money to get the play chips. PokerStars play money accounts give you chips to play with for free, and every 4 hours you can log in to click a button for 12,500 free chips (but you have to log in and click the button to get them). You CAN pay real money for more play chips, if you're just looking to mess around a bit and/or you want to support PokerStars. But, at the time of posting this comment, I currently have 137,000.08 play money chips and I haven't paid any real money for them; I just win them from normal tables, Beat the Clock games, and now, apparently, Sit & Go's.
Zumwar (1 год назад)
MauranKilom (1 год назад)
Very interesting watch, well played!
pokeblue (1 год назад)
that was a really fun video! more of this (or just poker in general)
Jon Waterfall (1 год назад)
Loving the commentary and the poker terminology.
Jumpy (1 год назад)
Don't get addicted please.
jar555555 (1 год назад)
love the poker videos
wehadagoodlife (1 год назад)
Keep doing poker vids :)
TheCruzmeister (1 год назад)
I'm sorry that your channel dissolved like the way it did. I loved watching your let's plays and planetside when it was new. Guess you should have hustled minecraft more when you could have.
Michael B (1 год назад)
I don't think that is his reason for doing youtube though, I think he does it because he likes making youtube vids :)
PNathan (1 год назад)
I love the way you look at it! I've watched a lot of your channel early on and have been a loyal subscriber because you know how to make every subject interesting. I love how you explain tactics of every game you play and I look forward to what 2017 brings for x!
davidangel64 (1 год назад)
The way you worded this was rather passive aggressive (advice for the future: don't be that guy!), but on the chance that you sincerely meant to say you were sorry, I thank you for your sentiment. :) But, I feel your view is archaic (as in, outdated; outmoded; behind the times; obsolete). Many on YouTube still look at a channel's numbers, and those numbers alone, to determine a channel's health and worth. If someone sees low numbers, they determine the channel must not be a good one. In some cases, perhaps this is true! But that is not the case for my channel. I can say with no ego that my content is very high quality, and that people genuinely love what I do here. My channel is a very strong one, and has been since I uploaded X001. Now, there's also the chance that you meant to say you wish I was making more money off this. And if so, then, again, I thank you. :) I wish I was, too! But, the truth is, I know exactly how to make more money off my channel. Use catchy titles and focus on attractive thumbnails to garner views. Update on a regular schedule. Start a Patreon. Cross-promote my YouTube and my Twitch (the latter of which has done great for me since 2015) to grow them both simultaneously. THOSE are how you grow a channel. You don't focus on Minecraft just because it was once popular. That's putting all your eggs in one basket and doing so is also creating content just to milk the cash, rather than to make videos you truly love. I chose not to be that kind of YouTuber. So, for those reading this and who are wondering, "Well why don't you do all those things that could grow your YouTube and your revenue? The titles, the thumbnails, the Patreon, the cross-promotion? Seems like the obvious thing to do." Yeah, I definitely know how to do all those things **and I plan to do some of them this year.** Who knows whether or not I will, though, as I've always just sort of gone wherever the road leads with my YouTube channel (see my profile picture, it's been here since 2010 and it's still representative of my channel). Simply that I know how to make a highly profitable YouTube channel doesn't mean I have to rush to do anything. But, like I said, it's something I do want to do, eventually, so I'm planning on getting around to it. :)
K17ten (1 год назад)
Yes! David doing his own thing is one of the best things on Youtube.
kokodakh (1 год назад)
The channel never dissolved. Just because it doesn't cater to your high demands doesn't mean it dissolved. I've been subscribed for 6 years and I keep coming back to watch David do his own thing and have fun doing it. I'm glad he didn't try to milk a cash cow but stayed true to himself and having fun. I'd much rather watch that than a youtuber that becomes stale and alienates his audience.

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