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Poker Thoughts - How To Win At Poker

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Doug is at the San Diego Convention Center for Twitch con, far from the usual studio. This hotel room will have to suffice. Today he premieres a new series, Poker Thoughts, in which he delves deeper into specific topics and questions that get brought up by viewers. In this episode, Doug explores some of the factors that go into becoming an actual winning player. Concepts covered include game selection, bankroll management, and how create edges to win in the long run. If you would like to see a topic discussed in future editions of Poker Thoughts, please leave a comment below. FOLLOW DOUG: Snapchat ► http://snapchat.com/add/WCGRider Twitter ► https://twitter.com/DougPolkPoker Instagram ► http://instagram.com/DougPolkPoker Facebook ► https://facebook.com/DougPolkPoker Twitch ► https://www.twitch.tv/DougPolkPoker
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Текстовые комментарии (228)
DPTAZZZ (6 дней назад)
OK.. have to say this.. i like both cash games and tourneys.. i dont have access to online anymore, so yea, that might put me behind the 8 ball when facing some players, especially if i get back to WSOP tourney, but... i have busted out of tourneys, sat in cash, won enough money back to pay for the trip, and my entries. i have also had some good tourney results ( for me that is ) and not so good cash, where again, one helped make up for the other. i DO know to , and how to, "switch gears", when going from a $340 tourney, to a $1-$2 NLHE or $2-$5 NLHE.. that really isnt a big issue with me.. Now, even only being away for about 2 yrs since last WSOP event, i have seen some insane new "standard"plays.. cash and tourney.. i see a lot more options ( many thanks to your in-depth videos) from every single position, chip stack, level or buy in amount there just about is. really hope to beef up my game and go play the small series at the Venetian in August. not serious buy-ins.. top for me will only be $340.. but, hey,, thats half a paycheck for us working stiffs.. so yea.. NLHE is the only form i really play ( kill time in Limit holdem waiting for a NL seat ), but i love both tourneys and cash.. if no tourney is up for the rest of the nite i want to play, i sit in a cash game.. i prefer tourneys overall.. but dont see TOO many holes in my cash game that suffer as a result of playing in tourneys.. hope you DO come "Back to the Fold" and put out some more video blogs on poker... i have read a lot of the top books.. and still re-read them as i see serious value in them still today. you just have to NOW, go more to the range, the position, etc,etc,etc, than some of the tips in the books have showed.
Hans CakeStealer (29 дней назад)
Use some poker money and get new curtains cmon man
A VERY horny Mr.Dinosaur (1 месяц назад)
ur a noob. stake me in any cash no limit texas holdem game and ill crush all with my mind reading abilitys
Jared (2 месяца назад)
At the end of the day, but at the end of the day..but at the end of the fucking day.
swingdocta (5 месяцев назад)
Jnandez solved plo
DSPGamiing (6 месяцев назад)
Why isn't this video called "Polker thoughts"? or "Polker THOTS"
JOng JOng ksdvj (6 месяцев назад)
Doug Polk is just great
FreddyTheFish (7 месяцев назад)
Those two things... That's a lot of boiling. If people understood truly that this game isn't solved, and brought down to those two, that is taking something with billions apon billions of concepts and turning it into the final two. Awesome video, I wish that 2nd half was a video by itself. Hard to keep telling people go to minute 8-9 ish. Of all the years playing pro, I never actually thought or heard of it like that. Truly appreciate just hearing the extremly boiled version of what we are actually trying to accomplish. Awesome videos as always. (P.s. please make more comical videos for your funny playlist. "Don't do that. Never do this. Pretty much study this hand and don't do any of it" not exact quotes, but honest came to your channel sometimes just for some laughs. Have fun.
fadi azzam (7 месяцев назад)
Great video.
Alejandro Becalli (8 месяцев назад)
Polker thots
Justin Giglio (9 месяцев назад)
Hi Doug, how should I go about living my life?
James G (10 месяцев назад)
Doug, it doesn't bother me, really but I figured that since you teach me so much, I can teach you something. The word etcetera doesn't have the sound x in it. It's pronounced exactly as it looks. et - set - ter - ah. I hope you don't take this the wrong way but if you do, oh well, we'll both be okay.
Justin Timbers (10 месяцев назад)
Damn this is so great. Thanks Doug!!!!
ken edwards (10 месяцев назад)
it's not appropriate to state the game is skill based when i have played every way imaginable and still lose i always lose when playing poker on micro stakes low stakes medium stakes never played high stakes but i would not since i lose all the time until i can win 8 times out of 10 i will not play for high stakes for it's not worth the time and effort but i appreciate the thought on poker
Gary Gwinn (1 год назад)
I play everything, and if I stick to 1 concept, I always make money. Patience Over Knowledge Equals Results. Oh, and all the axioms that apply to all the games, and that Soul Reading Thing I do too
Asalieri2 (1 год назад)
how to win at Poker... watch it on TV and leave it to the pros
Federico Ramos (1 год назад)
great job Doug! n thx for explaining your thoughts. I heard you mention red n blue lining as an online poker term.... was interested in asking if there are other scenarios where ppl might misunderstand certain things or even understand them better just by using different poker language like you just did. it helped a lot n thanks again! ...plus I learn new terms! :)
Graham Inglis (1 год назад)
Good video. And great advice
Bill Carey (1 год назад)
Excellent presentation. The best I have ever seen and I have seen a lot. You have hit on an effective communication strategy, on of poker thoughts without rambling. Good job.
Michael (1 год назад)
yeah doug but you know how to use google, help those people out ... ffs xDDD
colin glen (1 год назад)
'don't be satisfied with 3K a month!' ...  what? .. that's twice my current income...i'd do anything for 3K a month. :o
Cristian Micu (1 год назад)
i declined a 100% reload bonus on party because they deny HUD on cash tables
Jake Poker (1 год назад)
WTF!! Excellent video! I have been playing poker for living for 10 years, small stakes! But... this video is concise! direct to the point! All the things you said are true 100%! By the way! your channel is so refreshing! I'm a fan, My new goal it is to see all your videos to learn from you! And, eventually you will convince me to join in you poker training site! Thank you!
ghanim dashti (1 год назад)
well said 👍
Kris Hall (1 год назад)
loved this video Doug . very well said.
Screwyouguysimgoinghome (1 год назад)
there is a poker question i ve always had.... what is the analogy of the ''right play'' vs ''playing the opponent play'' in poker?
Allan Waltham (1 год назад)
What;s with the Russian subtitles? :-)
A J (1 год назад)
Best Doug Polk video I've seen
Jack Griffin (1 год назад)
OK. this is a naive-type question. I play cash games at the Atlantic City casinos. I see regulars. Should I be concerned at all about collusion, or cheating, or anything? Is the playing field generally honest? Anything I should be looking out for?
Andrew Mason (1 год назад)
Thanks for another insightful and interesting video Doug. I'm coming back to the game (micro SNG NL Holdem) after getting taught it ~10 years ago and it's changed and videos like this give me insight and inspiration about how I might be able to improve from being a marginal loser.
Travis Smith (1 год назад)
I wish I could like this video more than once. Thank you, -Dan- Doug Polk.
diogo narciso (1 год назад)
please doug
Mike Jones (1 год назад)
So is limit holdem good for amateurs because there are minimal bluffs and you can play just by equity
shutemdwn (1 год назад)
Thank god that's a hotel room. The flower paintings threw me lol.
Trias00 (1 год назад)
I'd like you to talk about mindset. Especially motivation.
Mulyanto Mauritius (1 год назад)
great content. thanks, keep it up
abraham lee (1 год назад)
I want to see KATIE analizing a poker hand and berating Phil Hellmuth...Come on Polky
Rafal Grzelak (1 год назад)
Cyrus Lever (1 год назад)
where can you even play online in america?places where i can actually get my money out, and a movile app would be nice
thebuddyboss (1 год назад)
Cyrus Lever ignition and betonline are the biggest, and Ignition has a mobile app
madhukar ashok (1 год назад)
Nice video Doug
Adam Yonkovski (1 год назад)
I feel like a solid player at NL tourney hold em. If I don't cash I got unlucky more than likely. I seem to always get knocked out around the 30-40 ppl mark no many how many ppl started the tourney and it seems to always be a bad beat that gets me knocked out around this point so annoying. I do have one win 10 dollar rebut tourney with 4200 ppl on partypoker in 2006, best cash payday ever. But anymore 5 dollar max buyin PLO is my bread and butter. I make average 30-40 daily 2 hr sessions. But if I move up to 10 dollar buyin I don't do as well. Idk anymore. Cash game Hold em I break even no matter the stakes.
Tyler Condrey (1 год назад)
where do players play in the us online if they don't live in new jersey or nevada?
McGavel1 (1 год назад)
cool tips, thanks! gl - find those spots - have fun - never give up! "the first half of a 1000-mile journey is 999 miles."
Oskar Tengberg (1 год назад)
Really helpfull video :)
philippe beaudoin pellerin (1 год назад)
ur the best doug
George Stampoultzis (1 год назад)
I just cant imagine myself giving up on playing tournaments and cash games just for the sake of focusing at ONE!! how bad can it be, why not both?
Torbjörn Becker (1 год назад)
Can you do a video about how wrong it is to 3-bet to 15bb with 400+ bb behind and then pot comit on 24Q flopp in a 9 handed game even against Tom Donk Dwan? Tom Dwan Win Back $919,600.00 From Barry Greenstein VS Pocket Aces
john chan (1 год назад)
Hi Doug...can you make a video on button straddle games from all positions. thx
GdayMateys (1 год назад)
Make the bed first!
Sweet SweeetHistory (1 год назад)
i guess live poker sucks for beginning?
Matt Strupp (1 год назад)
I play on ignition casino, never heard of rake back lol
Brian Bernales (1 год назад)
good vid
Gabriel Trettin Castro (1 год назад)
Good episode Dolg.
StackerTim (1 год назад)
Love the series! Thanks for this valuable content. You are awesome!
Workoutsagaz (1 год назад)
Mr Doug, thank you so much! I spend last 2 years loosing and I was doing the bad strategy. Now, you show me a really good way to Win. I will become a great Poker player! One day will play in the same table with you! Thank you so much! Have a nice week teacher!
Kenzo Chuka (1 год назад)
nice one
pmlking (1 год назад)
talk about what it takes to play for a living
Bagnato Furniture (1 год назад)
Doug, in seems in today's poker as compared to the pre-Black Friday days the notion of the constant continuation bet seems to have changed drastically...can you address this? Ty, Mao.
Alexander Ehrhardt (1 год назад)
could have also been "how to win at trading", same mindset, good video!
Björn Karlin (1 год назад)
Regarding 10:40 - OTB is playing GTO, it´s confirmed
Florian Kastner (1 год назад)
I'm gonna take your advice and only play mtts for a while, altough i usually play sngs. but i see your point, every time i play with a bigger buy-in i'll likley end up loosing and it gets frustrating. and if you're running good in a mtt its 10 times more fun!
Mitchell Reid (1 год назад)
What if the game you love and enjoy is dying? Like heads up cash. So tough to make money in them games when the rake is 10-15BB/100
Joao Pedro Habkouk (1 год назад)
Sick vid Doug , Thanks for the advice :D
Paul Archer (1 год назад)
Nice vid Mr. Polk. Now STFU. lol
HaveSomeClarity (1 год назад)
The intro is $$$$
Zimzim (1 год назад)
Great content since you've added all these different series doug!
angerwound (1 год назад)
Doug: This is an excellent beginning to a new series. I really appreciate the passion you have for the game. I wish I had the same passion for my current career! Keep up the excellent job of building the game buddy.
Keyan martin (1 год назад)
Doug! I play progressive k.o turneys mostly, but when I run really deep most people have a higher bounty than me, what's that say about my weakness?
Kyle Hilfiker (1 год назад)
"Nobody plays Game Theory Optimal"... Tell that to Fedor Holz...
John Smith (1 год назад)
+Kyle Hilfiker no
Kyle Hilfiker (1 год назад)
John Smith (1 год назад)
lmfao you're clueless
Gaspode WD (1 год назад)
Loved the video and looking forward to more in the series. Need to put my thinking cap on for questions I need answering (that aren't to obvious :D)
John Smith (1 год назад)
One of the best vids you put out. I think we're gonna like this series.
SupremeTDM (1 год назад)
i dont play poker at all and dont know how i got to your videos but great quality man. i love a good quality video no matter the content
loko lokko (1 год назад)
when i start on pokerstars i made some final tables after 5 years always lose win and lose just tell me why , do pokerstars hand cap new players?? i think when we start they let we win after they take all the money because when i start i dont play good and i win after 5 years im play better but not win ffs pokerstars are rigged as fuck
Ben Harris (1 год назад)
I hate people that look like you...
brian sherrier (1 год назад)
This is the best Informational video about poker I've watched in a long time. Please make more videos like this.
luca tsirekidze (1 год назад)
You are great. I hope you will upload a lot more content on youtube. i would love to see some HU strategies and tips. thank you
brian sherrier (1 год назад)
Doug Polk awesome! It's just the info I needed at this stage in my poker career.
Doug Polk Poker (1 год назад)
Thanks Brian! I am planning on trying to do 1-2 of this series a week.
Croo ookie (1 год назад)
"No one plays GTO"... I thought that was like a pre-req to playing high stakes games. I don't get it. Does he mean no one strictly plays GTO?
John Smith (1 год назад)
+Croo ookie yeh they don't cuz it's impossible
Croo ookie (1 год назад)
+John Smith So he's saying no one strictly plays GTO? I think that's like common sense. But he said it in a way that mean like people don't use that strategy at all.
John Smith (1 год назад)
Playing exact gto is impossible. High stakes reg have an idea of what a gto solution might look like in a spot. Their approximation to gto is the best.
marcoallin (1 год назад)
great video doug , all stuff i mostly apply , but its is very refreshing to hear somoene else talk bout it , thanks again
Evan Zaruba (1 год назад)
I play professionally and I just have to say this was a great video, especially the last minute or so- thanks!
Ryan Miller (1 год назад)
Best video yet, keep em coming!
Jay Xu (1 год назад)
great video
dwags222 (1 год назад)
Welcome to SD, you playing some cash games? Oceans 11?
wildncrazyguy21 (1 год назад)
Doug, What site should I play on?
Shem Goltz (1 год назад)
Hey Doug, I've got a question for you. Lets say I have a bankroll of $100 and I bink a tournament for another $400, now my bankroll is $500. How much of it should I cash out and how much of it should I keep as my bankroll? I tend to do the 50/50 style but would love to know your opinion in this matter :) Thanks! - Shem
lily vales (6 месяцев назад)
Take the 500 bucks and never play poker again
Mike Baca (9 месяцев назад)
Shem Goltz No point in cashing out. And throw the 50/50 rule out the window. If you want to play poker to make money you need a minimum bankroll of $8k. Why $8k, because that's 40 buy ins at 1/2 NL. That's the smallest limit at local casinos. Until you reach $8k all profits should be reinvested in your bankroll. Once you reach $8k and start playing 1/2 full time then you can start "cashing out". Your next goal should be a bankroll of $20k so you can move up to 2/5. Just my two cents.
Aaron Nethersole (1 год назад)
Hey Doug, Id like to hear you talk about "tilt" and how you cope and / or how we should handle it, keep up the great work mate!
smaakmakend (1 год назад)
awesome new series doug!: quiestion! if i may: u talked about 30-50 buyin's on average seems good for cashgame's what are you thought's on live cashgame's offcourse it's easyer to beat but u also have to concider ppl can buy in double or triple "startstack" does this mean i have to bring more or less buyin's to the table?
upplsuckimcool16 (1 год назад)
I can answer that question based on what I've seen from all these internet"pro's" You win at poker by getting it in with the worst of it and sucking out 90% of the time with the edge given to them by their sponsor poker site. Take tonaaaap for instance, how often do you see him go into a flip with the best of it? like 10% of thetime and still he wins 90% of the time.
Chris Hansen (1 год назад)
btw love your stream tho..give Binks a pat for me truly mans best friend
Chris Hansen (1 год назад)
so pokerstars ceo just got done for insider trading.fulltilt stole millions.more than one site had superuser accounts .and umm nah online pokers legit lool its just a software program designed to distribute money in circles while the owners become filthy rich at addicts and dreamers expense.just like what banks do with our money wake up people!
John Kitzmiller (1 год назад)
Love your content Doug. I really just started playing seriously this month and have already won a 70 person MTT and a final table chop in a second one, as well as good results in cash games. Really looking forward to going further, and content creators such as yourself really help to speed the process!
sportsfish21 (1 год назад)
Awesome video. Thank you Doug!
Imrob Axelander (1 год назад)
ive played poker for 15 years and i havnt learneed to cashout yet :( I think its sucha big problem for me. i most often win but in the end i always loose it. Its a big problem and i wanna change it and live on this, Dont have any other dream so i dont stop with hope i will learn but its really hard!
CNAFISH (1 год назад)
You pretty much described me exactly with the part about being happy with just making a certain amount a month at the levels I play.
MonsterTVchannel (1 год назад)
Great video bro
sLn MeGusta (1 год назад)
Tipic: Impoving when getting stuck (Have been playing for a long time and you have you clue what to do next to improve)
Joseph G (1 год назад)
Pure truth... thanks doug!
Nice2MeetYou (1 год назад)
Can you make a video on the mental side of poker? Motivation, playing through a downswing, avoiding getting burned out, not taking poker too seriously etc
Penus Drippings (1 год назад)
how to win at poker........................don't play!!!!!!
Otacilio Amato (1 год назад)
Penus Drippings (1 год назад)
Richard W fer realz???
Richard W (1 год назад)
Rick W. I think I've played you before
Mr Wool (1 год назад)
Awesome! cleared up where i'm losing money in 13 minutes,. I  need stop playing 6max nl while playing spin and goes with a tournament on the side, and also just lately live cash games have crept in to the schedule..  Only playing 6 max NL online for me is the best option then, as  I've been crushing those games because i've studied it the most, and is my most enjoyable. Before i'd do well in 6 max, but then play spins or tourneys and lose what i made in the 6max games. From now on 1 topic 1 focus. 'Jack of all trades but a master of none' seems to be the apt phrase here. Doug i think i actually love you lol
Mr Wool (1 год назад)
Also, polker news is way to funny, please don't stop doing that.
The Cheeseman (1 год назад)
value-town baby!
Fei Li (1 год назад)
What do you think about using HUD while playing ? It happened to me that, while I was using it, I wasn't a winning player, and when I one day decided to try to play some zooms without it I start winning and am a constant small winner until today without HUD progams. I guess I looked too much at numbers without really considering actual situation on the board those days. Did that happend to anyone else here ?
DeathBySlushPuppy (1 год назад)
Mastery is a moving target ;)
JNandezPoker (1 год назад)
I like this video. Honest and practical. Keep it up!
marcoallin (1 год назад)
i did too , very gto management
Felipe Lumo (1 год назад)
Hey man, this reminds me of some of your videos ! Keep it up yourself ☺ PS Also, if you see this, could you consider doing some a la Doug Polk challenge and play some lower stakes PLO zooms ? I play 25 zoom daily, pretty much am a constant winner and would really like to play at least a couple of hands against you, and I am pretty sure I am not the only one with that desire at those stakes, we have some really good regs there !

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