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Phil Ivey AGONIZES Over This River Call (High Stakes Poker Tournament)

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Some of the world's greatest players convene in Australia to play in a ridiculous tournament. The buy-in is a quarter million dollars! Mike McDonald, Scott Seiver, Phil Ivey, and Doug Polk battle it out for millions of dollars on this final table. In this particular hand, a surprise raise on the river puts Ivey to an extremely difficult decision. Can he make the hero call? FOLLOW DOUG: Snapchat ► http://snapchat.com/add/WCGRider Twitter ► https://twitter.com/DougPolkPoker Instagram ► http://instagram.com/DougPolkPoker Facebook ► https://facebook.com/DougPolkPoker Twitch ► https://twitch.tv/DougPolkPoker #GrindNation
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Текстовые комментарии (493)
DPTAZZZ (29 дней назад)
ok.. so does a 650K bet get Ivey off the hand ?? or is that a "bluff" amount he see's thru ??? he agonized, literally made a pained call... so if you DID raise it up...... think he folds ?? or reinforces his thoughts you have Air... and are going to get Whamboozeled...?
Joshua House (2 месяца назад)
Joe hachem "He was resigned that he actually lost the hand to be honest." Than why would he call!!
Lapid Palid (2 месяца назад)
omg, you got him to speak AND make a face! LOL! He is human after all!
Tony G (4 месяца назад)
i like your bluff tbh pretty gangsta
Adam Nasa (4 месяца назад)
Brutal. I don't know how he made that call with just a pair of tens....
andrew anievas (4 месяца назад)
caught a couple tools Ivey uses throughout his thought process
Ndnd Jxjd (4 месяца назад)
@7:22: 42 suited, hmmmrly?
Lt. Weinberg (5 месяцев назад)
Gotta give it to you d fresh - great play and you are fucking great !
Mighty - Mobile Gaming (5 месяцев назад)
What's up guys, DOUG POLK HERE. Who kidnapped you, because Doug Polk would definitely not say, "My name is Doug Polk".
BattleRatsRapBattles (6 месяцев назад)
In all seriousness, What’s it like to play with Ivey, Antonius Hellmuth or Negraneu? I’m genuinely curious. Who’s your favorite to play with? I couldn’t imagine running a bluff against any of those guys lol aside from Helmuth to enjoy the dramatic theatrics that would ensue lol
Richard Anka (7 месяцев назад)
how about you tell us EVERYTHING you could do on the river? Again. Also you should reiterate it. Again. For us. Again. Try it sometime.
Heavenlyvibes (7 месяцев назад)
Lol ivey owns another fish great video man
mdd1963 (7 месяцев назад)
I wanted to see him fold, too; sorry, Doug! :)
slave trader (8 месяцев назад)
GTO nerd getting owned by a GOAT feel player. I love it.
slave trader (8 месяцев назад)
wtf are u even repping here by raising? looks so bluffy. you just love spewing on the river dont you?
DM 00 (9 месяцев назад)
I think this is just too small. I get that it screams value, but it's so small that a guy like Ivey will feel obligated to call with any hand he was betting for value himself, even if he hates it. All that you get to fold are the bluffs, the things that ace high already beats. Plus, it's hard to understand the story we're telling with the action up until then. Most draws or made hands would have done something before now surely.
Ozymandias (9 месяцев назад)
I think you raised too small
Kaduku (10 месяцев назад)
That dealer is beautiful !
Kaduku (10 месяцев назад)
Strong Will (10 месяцев назад)
klamsauce233 (11 месяцев назад)
not blocking hearts makes this a good bluff as well. no one really mentioned that.
Paolo Di Dario (11 месяцев назад)
you tried to bluff the best :)
NOVAMAS (1 год назад)
are you nuts?
ROCKY BULLSHITE (1 год назад)
great bluff but ivy is the king for a reason
Money (1 год назад)
he had his mind made up right when u raised hes that good
dtho 85 (1 год назад)
Watching Ivey agonize in a spot was worth it. Nice try.
Joël Cuerrier (1 год назад)
The funny thing (or annoying) at the Aussie Million is that the host repeat that Ivey is the best player ever every 10-15 minutes,
Anthony Mentalewicz (1 год назад)
I mentioned this before... you were recommended on magic the gathering channel I watch frequently (I play magic, not poker so much, only occasional). i like your break downs so I subbed because it's something new. anyway, keep up the good work.
jae lim (1 год назад)
sorry doug bad bluff..... you are trying to rep trip 2's or 45? tough sell....
Marco Schaub (1 год назад)
Just seeing Phil's face in agony was worth the 380k you threw at him. lol
davethelave (1 год назад)
no hate but god damn polk pulled another polk move......uploading a vid where he almost got a guy to fold.......great bluff polk he not only tank but actually called you......yep instead having videos that shows you're great you upload one where you almost made him fold. thats the best vid you got....sad.
Trance Vocals (1 год назад)
First of all Doug you have a great channel props bro. I think this is the first hand that I don't really like your play. I understand the importance of blockers but is a 4 really a good card to bluff with here? Would you not be cbetting 54s on the flop the majority of the time? You're not really credibly repping a straight or overpairs when you check back flop. So what is Ivey putting you on here? 2x or air?
Unlucky Bastard (1 год назад)
What's with your face in every game man? You look pissed or some sort of grudged. Is that a conscious decision?
David Ring III (1 год назад)
First rule of poker: Don't bluff Phil Ivey.
heyglasses (1 год назад)
that play was dumb and u looked like u were bluffing very uncomfrotable.
Dom Farmer (1 год назад)
Muppet commentators just stating the obvious...we arent blind...how Joe Hachem won the main event is beyond me
Eddie Moyer (1 год назад)
Anyway to block this guy?
OMGJaGeRBlieber Boss (1 год назад)
Thats why You , Doug Polk, is a fish. Ivey will own u everytime on a 1v1
Gary Gwinn (1 год назад)
It's hard to not be a POW, when you are facing the BPA
turbominator (1 год назад)
Dog Pork
Darius Molark (1 год назад)
wow! quite intense. and i do think i saw a flash of the wierdest gripping smile from ivey. a great look!
Canuck junior (1 год назад)
No analyze of the river raise??
Marian (1 год назад)
It's all good fighting, but here you are representing exactly ONE HAND, namely rivered house with 66, anything else makes so little sense, because of the board and the way the hand was played (for example, I "kinda" suspect you almost never check back and open-ender here, with that flop, so you basically never have 45. You're giving him 3:1 on a call, you only have 3 reasonable combos that beat him so, while evidently a very good call, I don't see it at all as extremely hard or God-like. Or maybe Ivey thinks you have a bad habit of checking back flopped sets TB on dry raggedy flops :)
William Baker (1 год назад)
I've been watching some of your videos lately and I definitely enjoy them. When I started watching this one I said to myself "Well, clearly Ivey is going to fold, since it is fairly unlikely that anyone would post a video where their play fails". Well played, sir. Well played.
Danny McCrae (1 год назад)
A key aspect of Ivey's tough river decisions seem to be based on subtle angling. The movement of the cards from left hand to right hand mimicking a folding action, the counting of chips and bouncing them fairly firmly on the felt to mimic the sound of a call - all designed to elicit reaction from the opponent. This is an edge that very few players successfully exploit and is perhaps one of the key reasons why Ivey is one of the most successful players of all time.
Re su (1 год назад)
but ivey figured out that you are weak :D
罗逍然 (1 год назад)
Buddy, how many of these hands which involve you have you won? 10 percent? kudos to you that you analyze them arguing that you have made all the reasonable choices.
Ryan Wasserman (1 год назад)
Is a weak 10 really any different from a strong 10 after the river raise? (when analyzing what portion of 10s Phil should be calling with)
ashliski (1 год назад)
Joe Hachem with shit commentary as usual
whitesmoke hiding (1 год назад)
nice angle ivey pretending to fold and the talk lol
ABulletsA (1 год назад)
Great analysis, was wondering if your reraise on the river was too small? I was thinking maybe 700k minimum reraise. Unless the amount was in respect to Ivey's stack and not just his bet.
ROCKY BULLSHITE (1 год назад)
that was a really good bet and you can tell he was close to folding. I still need some help with my Holden game, but my Pol game is dialed in!
Travis Smith (1 год назад)
No move. Clearly Ace high. Good job, Announcer.
Gary Gwinn (1 год назад)
My only comment is, nice tournament.
mebaran (1 год назад)
Love the subtle read-farming Phil does around 5:20. Reaches for calling chips with his right hand, looks at Doug, then moves his cards sideways with his left hand as if he's folding. Anybody else notice this in real-time?
Joey Indolos (1 год назад)
Second video of yours that I've watched where you lost. I appreciate these posts, not because they show humility (who needs that in poker, eh? :) ), but because the analysis is still good. Players will definitely lose a lot, but as long as the analysis is sound, one can hope to win more in the long run. There are "good" losses, where it just didn't go your way that particular time, and there are losses just from plain terrible play, filled with wishful thinking.
damon Douglas (1 год назад)
Doug, thanks for this video. You have the guts to bluff Phil Ivey, but you are not better than him, and you know it.
Fresh Steve (1 год назад)
Great channel man, I've learned some great tips and you're entertaining lol.....FOLD!.......damnit. We've all been there haha
kkarx (1 год назад)
Hmm, what does it matter what hand you bluff? Your goal is the other guy fold, is it not? I guess it does not happens very often both guys are bluffing.... then you would be better of with some high card.
Wish Hachem would shut the fuck up....moron.
Jamie Perry (1 год назад)
This play doesn't seem to make that much sense to me? Can someone help me understand? What is Doug repping? I understand he has a good blocker to run this bluff, but wouldn't he bet atleast the turn if he had some sort of value, unless he specifically has pocket 6s or 45 and rivers the straight? Kinda seems like he's just check raising hoping for a fold. Thanks in advance, love the videos Doug.
jom_ aca (1 год назад)
its the cameras makes fools of us all
Scott12345 (1 год назад)
Another bluff I don't like. The line a player takes in hands says a lot about what they are holding. What hands are Doug raising pre and then checking the flop? I'm assuming he's betting 9's thru 4's, Q's, J's. He'd probably check A's and K's, along with any set. He's probably checking all ace highs thrus whatever highs. His turn call says even more about his hand. Now he definitely either has a draw (flush or straight), possibly a pair lower than 10's, and albeit very unlikely a full house or quads. His raise on the river defines his hand. Extremely unlikely = full house or better, A little more likely = A2, K2, Q2, 45 Most likely = busted straight, busted flush. I don't ever see him taking this line with A10-J10, J's or better. So for Ivey, does Polk have a 2, a straight, or a boat? Probably not. Good call, he deciphered it.
Clap Forboobies (1 год назад)
I thought a gut shot is when you need an inside draw to complete but this is an up and down straight draw with just the up needing to complete.
74neverlast (1 год назад)
very entertaining... !
Ibetiwon (1 год назад)
George Pirelli (1 год назад)
pretty good play ivey nice call tho
thsllsaturate (1 год назад)
What kinda watch is that
Win Ro (1 год назад)
10:17 😆😆
EricSmyth14 (1 год назад)
Colin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)rnick, an American Troll.
HRinc (1 год назад)
he obv doesn't think you're a complete d*ckhead, he's wrong AITO
Marcelo Ramin (1 год назад)
The only mistake here is to try a bluff on such a good player.
abcleft1 (1 год назад)
Blah blah, you got humped again.
Nicholas Livermore (1 год назад)
Fooold. Foooollld!!
PLO 8 (1 год назад)
the voice of someone who smoke 100 cigarettes a day <3
Roman (1 год назад)
It's 380k to win 1.5 mil. Ivey only has to be right 20% of the time to make the call, since its not for his tournament life. Considering Doug checked flop, and only flatted the turn, the river bluff is extremely polarized. It's really only either a rivered 6's full, slow played set on the flop, or complete air. Every once in a while its a big overpair trying to induce. Doug did say its hard to call a bluff that looks extremely transparent as a bluff, but at the end of the day, the line is weak, and Ivey was getting 4:1 odds on the river. What happened here is that Doug leveled himself, and convinced himself that his line was ok from Ivey's facial expressions. I don't think Ivey's ever folding to such a fishy line given the great odds on the call.
Gofer (1 год назад)
It's 380k to win 1064k, which is 1 to 3 odds, or 25%.
sko6666 (1 год назад)
river bet shoul be at least 780k, but we will never know..
Marty Masters (1 год назад)
Siever was at that table!!!!! Creepy bastard always make the right moves
SOTHICK RICK (1 год назад)
Fuck Joe has no idea, he is really a bad player.
jloiterer (1 год назад)
he angled you there man
Ashish Khanduri (1 год назад)
he calllled............
Ashish Khanduri (1 год назад)
gut shot straight draw.......
Vitalstatistix Stats (1 год назад)
I dont even fold my laundry so I would have snap called there! Ivey should grow some balls
LEVELSABOVE (1 год назад)
Polk I like your channel, but you're bad at cards. Should quit poker and do something with analyzing something other than poker.
McGavel1 (1 год назад)
Cool point about how in certain spots one can rep more credible hands on the turn if hero has already bet flop.
aabron4123 (1 год назад)
Haha fold....fooooolllllldddddd!!!!
Alan Jankowski (1 год назад)
Doug, I think if you yelled "FOOOOLD" in his ear a few more times while he was in the tank he woulda mucked. Try harder next time and keep yelling "FOOOOOLD" and you'll take it down.
Alex Quang Nguyen (1 год назад)
**SPOILER ALERT!** Doug, I really respect the fact that you posted a hand that you lost. It shows humility and self-confidence, and you clearly want to maximize the learning opportunities rather than how it makes you look.
Tracey Saunders (1 год назад)
Is constipated the look you go for at the table Doug Polk? You look like you're taking a deuce.
Joao Alegria (1 год назад)
I think he just remembered the bluff you tried vs Pattrick Antonious! :D
MrSitemaster2 (1 год назад)
You're a darn good player and I love this hand and the way you put him to the test.
dimimat (1 год назад)
nh, Doug
mattias2321 (1 год назад)
Pretty good attempt at a river bluff, but i think you're repping just a little too few hands in these type of spots... mostly A2 and 66, but still good to see Ivey squirm on river like that. hahah
OKG2000 (1 год назад)
rofl this was so funny, you rarley see ivey show emotion like this
Chris Wilson (1 год назад)
I'm not sure what you are trying to represent on the river...
Chris Wilson (1 год назад)
I'm not sure what you are trying to represent on the river....Just looks like a bad attempt to bluff your way out of a badly played hand.
Pierre Goulet (1 год назад)
... Dammit!
Gilbert Young (1 год назад)
I've seen 2 hands play against you by Ivey and Antonius. Absolutely agree with the sense of the play and your raise on the river putting much pressure on these Poker Stars in agony to call because of your bet size amount. However, seems to always call you. Is that a table image thing or just that they know how you play? For example, I have seen perhaps similar situation where they face call raises with other star pros and they tend to fold, allowed to be bluffed. Or is it just a top pair facing Check Call rose situation?
Andrew Liffey (1 год назад)
#neverlucky nice vid
Benjamin Craig (1 год назад)
would it be a big mistake to fold turn? Would you really check back 45 on the flop? To me it seems you're only repping T6s or 66 and a very small amount of 33, 22, or 45 on that river. Raise is better than call, hard to fold after the turn call. Maybe I get run over on turns folding there though. That's why I like flop bet. Maybe I underestimate how many raises you face on flop. I feel like most of the good Tx's would 3bet pre and then you're mostly getting raised by 22, 33 and 45 which you block. btw your title is a spoiler! how about agonizes over this river spot.

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